What is Draw No Bet & How It Works

Most experienced punters tend to favour low-risk, short-odds bets. Why? Statistically speaking, such bets are the most reliable way of making consistent, long-term profits with online betting.

That’s why the Draw No Bet market is becoming more and more popular in recent years. It’s a two-way, relatively safe type of betting.

Draw No Bet Meaning

Essentially, Draw No Bet is a betting strategy that simply takes a classic 1X2 bet and removes the option of a draw.

That just leaves you with two options – a home win and an away win. That’s an implicit 50% probability of a successful bet (before taking into account betting odds), which is pretty good from a statistical standpoint.

With a Draw No Bet wager, if the match happens to end in a draw your full stake will be returned to you. This might not sound very important at first glance, but consider this: during the past 5 Premier League seasons, an average of 25% of all matches ended in a draw.

Keep in mind that reducing the risk also reduces your potential winnings. As such, Draw No Bet accumulators are a reasonably good idea. The risky nature of accumulators works well together with the added safety of a Draw No Bet, which makes Draw No Bet Accas a nicely balanced middle-ground.

How To Calculate Draw No Bet Odds

It’s probably clear by now that Draw No Bet is basically a variation on the standard 1X2 formula. If you want to find out how Draw No Bets affects odds, simply use the equivalent 1X2 market as a baseline.

To see how Draw No Bet works in terms of calculating odds, let’s use a simple Draw No Bet example. Let’s say the 1X2 odds for the same match are this:

Home Win: 1.70
Draw: 3.60
Away Win 5.00

And that your stake is £100.

The bookmaker will first take into account the possible return of your stake. They do this by dividing your stake by the draw odds and subtracting the result from your stake:

100 / 3.6  = 27.78

100 – 27.78 = 72.22

This is done because, in case of a draw, the bookie is basically paying out a stake of £27.78 at odds of 3.60 (i.e. your £100 stake.) This means that for the rest of the Draw No Bet odds calculation, your bet is treated as if your stake was £72.22.

Now, just take the above 1X2 odds and multiply this new stake. To make this easy, let’s say we were betting on the underdog away team.

72.22 x 5.00 = 361.10

And these would be your Draw No Bet winnings. To get the exact Draw No Bet odds, just divide this number by your initial £100 stake:

361.10 / 100 = 3.611

Just round it down to 3.60, and you have the odds you needed!

Draw No Bet Predictions

If you wanted to find true Draw No Bet value bets, you would have to do this for every match you’re interested in and compare it to the 1X2 equivalent.

If this doesn’t sound like fun, simply follow Bet Guru VIP’s Daw No Bet betting tips. Our betting experts will do the math for you!