Basic Guide to Accumulator Betting

Accumulator go by many names. They are also often referred to as Accas, parlay bets, multiples, and so on. They have been a popular option among punters who want to increase their profits and are a staple of sports betting. So, how do Accas work?

Accas basically combine several individual bets into one big bet. In order to win accumulators, you need all of the individual bets to be successful to get your winnings. No matter the base odds of any of these, this means that your chances of winning are drastically smaller. However, your potential profits also increase exponentially.

An accumulator can consist of anywhere between 3 and 8 individual bets, often called “legs”. The more legs you have, the riskier the bet – but the reward is also bigger.

So that begs the question: should I use Accas? Are accumulator bets worth it?

Let’s go over some accumulator betting pros and cons.

Accumulator Bet Advantages

Firstly, Accas are great if you’re looking to intentionally make risky bets. They can be a great option if you have a limited budget but want to win big.

Let us illustrate: imagine you wanted to place 4 bets that all have odds of 1/1, or 2.0, with a stake of £10 each.  If you managed to win all of them, which is statistically already a longshot, the payout would be £80, which means a total profit of £40. However, if you were to place an accumulator of the same four bets, you would end up with more than £400 of profit.

Bear in mind that Accas benefit from adding more and more legs. The more legs you make, the better your profit margins will be.

Accumulator Bet Disadvantages

Firstly, statistics do not seem to favour Accas. Betting theory largely argues that low-risk, low-reward bets are the best strategy when it comes to profiting from online betting in the long run.

Second of all, Accas work largely in the bookie’s favour because of how accumulator odds are calculated. Bookmakers don’t really give you the “true” odds, meaning that Accumulator betting odds do not accurately reflect the chances of the bet in question winning.

Different bookies have different Acca odds, but generally, they follow a table. Here is how an accumulator multiplies odds:

2 Legs – 2.6:1
3 Legs – 6:1
4 Legs – 10:1
5 Legs – 20:1
6 Legs – 40:1
7 Legs – 80:1
8 Legs – 100:1

And so on.

Statistically, the probability of you winning 8 individual bets is 255:1. However, the betting odds are only 100:1. This is why many professional punters tend to stay away from accumulators.

Accumulator Betting Advice:

Don’t be too greedy. Acca betting is inherently risky, but don’t overdo it. For example, placing bigger stakes on a smaller number of legs will probably increase your profits over several accumulators.
A great accumulator betting strategy is to “protect” your Acca by placing a single bet against the last leg or two. That way, you can get your stake back even if the Acca fails.

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